Welcome to Room 13's Learning Journey blog. We are a class of Year 7-9 year olds in Auckland, New Zealand.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Have a look at our class video which is amazing because we produced it in one day, after only 5 days at school. Our aim was teamwork and from 9.00am to 12.45pm, with a break for morning play, we... auditioned for roles we wanted, learned our lines, hurriedly created our "studio" for Have Your Say, practised our guest segments a couple of times and then filmed each segment. We were so pleased to have Mr B, our student teacher, as our camera man. That left Mrs H to work the autocue on the Smartboard for those that needed a prompt.

Another way we are learning to build teamwork is to play co-operative games...



Establishing our Classroom Culture

We thought about all the things that were important in our learning environment...


Welcome to Room 13's Blog!
I am Mrs H and I have the pleasure of creating my first class blog with my Year 4 class. So, it is going to be quite a learning journey in many ways... learning how to manage a blog, keeping it current so that we track our learning over the year.

Mrs H pondering the challenge of establishing and keeping a class blog all year...

Who in the World are we?

Here is a brief summary of who we are... 
We have 29 children in our class. 12 children were in our class last year and they are busy making the new children welcome and building great new friendships. We have a lot of different cultures represented in our class so we are all excited at the sharing we will have and how much we will learn about the different cultures. It is Chinese New Year Day today and on Monday our Chinese students will tell us how they celebrated with their families! 
Here are the cultures represented in our multi-cultural class: New Zealand European, NZ Maori, Chinese, Samoan, Arabic, Filipino, and Vietnamese. All except 3 children were born in New Zealand. But we are all Kiwis (the affectionate name for New Zealanders based on our flightless national bird).