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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sustainability: Me In My Environment

We have been learning about our school environment. In the first term we really looked at relationships and learning in our class environment. We thought about how we were relating to other people, how we learn, and how we could improve our skills in both areas. We read tons of great books. We saw a show about Bullying that made us really think about the way "environment" also relates to people and the way they act. Our early posts on the blog show our thinking and what we were doing.

Towards the end of Term 1 we started to look closely at the school environment out of the classroom. Here are our class members thoughts:

In our environment we only have a few native trees(AA).

This photo was captured from Google Earth. It shows how few native trees our school really has.

We could improve on growing more trees so that more native birds come to live in our trees(KS).

I think that we should improve in helping the environment. By planting more native trees, so the birds can have a home because our native birds do not have a natural habitat in our school(I.W)

I think we should save more native things (like the R21 lizard garden) so we can make more homes for more native trees and birds and insects(HG).

I think that we should have more native plants in the school because in our school we only have a couple of natives and if we plant more we will be able to attract more native things like birds and other things that are native to New Zealand.