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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Books That Inspire Us!

Since the year started at the beginning of February we have been reading lots of books about the way people behave towards each other.
One of our Key Competencies in New Zealand is Relating to Others and we have been busy thinking about the types of behaviours that make our learning community really positive. We saw a show in the second week of the Term called The Power of One and it was about bullying.
We know that we are still experiencing different types of bullying so we decided to read lots of texts to help us learn more and find different strategies to cope with bullies.
Here are some of the books that have inspired us, helped our learning and made an amazing impact on some of our learners...


Room13 said...

Hi it's me again IW I just wanted to say Mrs Hodge the one that I did is NOT on there so I don't know what happened but if I have to do it again. Anyway my one was about My Secret Bully.

Room13 said...

Room 13 said...

Hi it's me BV with all the books you just sure are the books we have read in our class we have learn't a lot about lot's of things from book's like what bullying is about and th differnce bewteen reporting and tatling I think thesse books are good for our learnig.