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Friday, September 17, 2010

Making Pudding to attract birds!!

We made a bird pudding in our class to take to Tiritiri Island to feed the birds. The recipe came from the Tiritiri Island Handbook. We made the pudding to take as a present. If it works we can make one to use  at school as well.
We put in broken bacon rinds and meat scraps, stale crackers and bread and bird seed. We put it in a bowl and then poured melted fat over it to make it set. We put it in the freezer but it is a mystery as to what it is going to look like when we take it out...
The pudding gets put into a recycled bag (we used an onion bag) and it gets hung up for the birds to peck.
(by GC, H-M S, LH, and GC)

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