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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Working with an expert landscaper

    Mrs Yeoman is the landscaper that came to work with Room 13. She used to be a teacher but now   she designs and plants gardens. She loves working on schools and kindergartens.
Mrs Yeoman taught us about using bird's eye view when you draw a scale map. We are going to 
 design a plan for the large field here at school. We want to plant native trees to attract native birds. (OH & AS)

We learnt that you can only see the top of things when you draw bird's eye view on a plan (AA).

We all practised drawing in bird's eye view. (BR)

When Mrs Yeoman was teaching us she said that North is always at the top of a map. North is at the top, South is opposite, West is left and East is to the right. We found out that Gossamer Drive runs north south. The side of the field near the recycling bins is north and the side near the pool is the south side. (AM)
It was hard drawing in bird's eye view because we didn't know the rules before for drawing this way (YS & SL)

Mrs Yeoman showed us her plan for the Orakei Kindergarten. You can see how she was inspired by Maori designs for her design. Her plan shows trees drawn in bird's eye view as if you were looking down like a bird flying over.(BV & SM)

A scale plan that shows where the plants will be planted (J A-A)

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