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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Highlights of Term 1

Here are my highlights so far:
Watching new friendships develop in our classroom, and seeing friendships being carefully looked after and nurtured, like a gardener takes care of flowers

Completing the Teamwork video challenge because we co-operated so well

Seeing the show The Power of One and watching everyone pledge that they will take responsibility for keeping our school a bullying free zone, and watching everyone's undertstandings grow- I think Miss A will have a great new crop of Peer Mediators before the end of the year! I hope some of our class members will post a blog comment about Cool Schools... I think it is just fantastic for children to be so powerful...
                                  The Power of One: Will we ever be "bystanders" again??

    Seeing our garden plants flourishing because the plants are beautifully watered everyday 

    Seeing how well everyone does our yoga routine Salute to the Sun and does their personal goal setting every morning - and getting positive feedback from Mrs H about how well HG and KS lead the yoga in her year 2 class. It will soon be time to video our yoga and post it on our blog. 

    Developing our understanding of the NZ Treaty of Waitangi, developing our own Treaty (with Article the 4th!! that the original treaty did not have) ... and signing the Room 13 Treaty

    Going to Te Tuhi to see the current exhibition and watching how well you did your colour wheel paint mixing

        Working with Mrs M on our Me in Our Environment study. We are so lucky to be working with such an enviro expert!
          The incomparable Mrs M ... environmentalist extraordinaire

          All the hard work you have been doing on your learning goals and success criteria, and putting them on your e-portfolios

            Sketching our sunflowers (I can't wait to see your paintings)... and all your careful drawings
               and there's three more weeks to go... What are your highlights?


              Anonymous said...

              Hello Room 13,
              Its only week 6 of term and you guys have done so much work. I love everything about your blog. Continue to work smart. Will visit again.
              Mrs.A (Room 3)

              Miss Signal said...

              Wow! You guys have been very busy in your first term. It's great to see you are keeping up the hard work. I would love you to pop over to my new classes blog and check out our work. Tumeke 12 (my class) is full of Year 4 students. I will be keeping an eye on your blog to see what else you have been up to!
              Miss Signal

              Room13 said...

              My highlight for the term is...

              When we go out and do enviro learning with Mrs M.because it helps up how to be an enviro person. An enviro person is a person who is very aware of ways to help our future. (IW)

              Room13 said...

              My highlights of the term are going to Te Tuhi art gallery to do the colour wheel, and doing all the sunflower sketching and pastel colouring when we made our big sunflowers. (AS)