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Monday, August 16, 2010

Maths Olympiad Fun!

When we did the Maths Olympiad it was really fun. Room 13 Team B won! The people in Room 13B were: Y.S(leader), T.W(thinker), O.H(thinker) and T.K(runner). We did some questions like: What do you add to 43 to make 100? That was one of the easy questions. Room 13 Team A came 3rd. The people in team A were: S.L(leader), I.D(thinker), B.F(thinker) and S.M(reserve runner). So, when we were solving the problems Room 13B had 60 points and Room 13 Team A had 90 points. Then when Room 13B had 80 points they had 95. So when we had 100 points Room 13 A still had 95. It was because they passed on 1 question.

We had heaps of fun!

Y.S and O.H

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