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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 5 and our Persuasive Argument Writing

Wow, Room 13... I have looking more closely at your planning for your speeches, and your opening introductions, and I am really impressed by the way you are: 

* thinking about your purpose and audience - to talk about an area   
   of sustainability that you care about deeply  

 * appealing to your audience's feelings through sharing your own  

 * researching in books, the Internet, and doing surveys around 
   school  to collect information, facts or examples to support what 
   you are saying. (I love the rubbish survey, and the Values survey 
   in a Junior room- this is excellent data to support your argument 
   and it is really connected to your audience)

    There is a real variety of topics- sustaining our ...
    * (local/personal)- health, school playground environment, 
       friendships, cultures /cultural awareness, zero waste
    * (NZ)- marine mammals
    * (Global)- forests (deforestation) 

       I can't wait to hear them all. Keep up the great thinking and keep 

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