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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Term 3 Our Learning in Reading, Writing and Mathematics

In Reading we are focussing this term on Inference. We have looked briefly at inference earlier in the year but this term we are really investigating what Inference is and all the skills we need to successfully make inferences when we read. R13 class members will add their thinking as the term progresses.

  • We started by examining 4 simple sentences and we unravelled  what the people were doing by looking at all clues. We are learning to identify the clues given by the author from which we can make inferences.
  • We learned that pronouns are really important when we are unravelling clues (he, she, they, them etc.)

In Mathematics we are looking at Multiplication and its relationship to division.
  • We began by defining what the word multiplication means and learning other words  for the "x" sign: groups of, sets of, lots of, multiples of. We agreed language is so important in maths! 
In Writing we are focussing on writing a persuasive argument. We are all picking a topic we feel really passionate about to research for our speech. We learned about the Greek persuasive strategies that we still use today...
  • Logos - using facts, numbers, information to inform our audience
  • Pathos - appealing to our audience's feelings
  • Ethos - developing our audience's trust and confidence
  • Kairos - a call to action by our audience 

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