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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Helping the Yr 6 Enrichment students in their Planting down at the Elm Park stream.

Last Friday The Year 6 Enrichment group planted 85 trees down at the stream as part of their Adopt a Park action plan for the term. They needed some helpers so HW, AM, BV, H-M S, IW, and GC from our classroom went to help out. As you can see the ground was very boggy after several days of rain. Gumboots and old clothes were needed. IW even thought ahead and brought a towel to school for the clean-up! 
These wonderful helpers can post their thoughts on the planting process...


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed planting the trees. My year 6 partner was really really nice and was my fiend she is so kind,nice and willing to have as a friend. We got really muddy and I slipped over lots and lots of times.

AM said...

Hi AM here...I enjoyed the tree planting we did this with the year six enrichment group. I learnt how to plant a tree properly. First you dig in a circle (smallish) and take away the soil. You need to make the hole as deep as the plant roots and soil. Then you loosen the plant from its pot. You turn the pot over and roll your foot gently on the top of the pot. The plant will move up a bit. Then you get it out gently. You place the plant in the hole, gently fill in the hole with soil and then press down firmly with your hands then your feet.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Year 6 enrichment group. I am very impressed with all your hard work that you have done planting all the trees down at the stream. It will be amazing to see when they grow a little bigger to know that you were responsible for planting them. Keep up your fabulous work.
Mrs P