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Sunday, August 8, 2010

IWs Composting Experiment

In Week 2 of the term IW came to school with an old PET bottle and shared her composting experiment with us. Some students tried to get a photo of the bottle and what was inside it but it was hard to photograph it close up.

IW can make a post about what she is discovering through this mini-experiment and predict what will happen in a few weeks.


Room13 said...

IW here... these pictures show my PET composter and the green picture shows a bird's eye view of the organic material I used: small pieces of apple, a pear core, and crushed up oranges from my tree at home.

Anonymous said...

GA here.... Just want to say a good luck to IW about the compost. Keep It Up!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!!!

Mrs H said...

Thank you IW for being inspired and helping us all learn about what happens when organic material breaks down and turns into compost.

Anonymous said...

I am really excited about how IWs composter works. I wonder how much liquid has come out so far?